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Construction Company Profile:
See how our dashboard software can help a Construction company.

Business Problem: California based construction company does small to large size construction jobs all over the country. They currently use an old Access database plus some excel files to store job data but the number of jobs has grown and there is no reporting features. All Change Orders and Progress Payments are submitted in paper form and either get lost or are not tracked correctly. There is no organization of data and lot of details for jobs are getting lost.

Solution: Have one main entry point for all job data from each job site including all change orders and progress payments. All jobs can be monitored by managers for all tasks and status, project dependencies, tasks nearing a due date, tasks past due as well as easy to view sorecards showing variance in time estimates versus actual time taken to complete a task. There is also one high level manager responsible for multiple jobs in different locations that he can now monitor from his home office in California. He can see all aspects of all jobs and where they are and what may be holding them back. Also he has access to more detailed reporting that was not available in the past swuch as detailed time reporting by project by task for a certain project manager.


Main View: Enter and edit all Job information and access Change Orders and Progress Payment info.

View #2: Task Level for a Project - Resources, Status, etc..

View #3: Task Status (Dependencies, Nearing Due and Past Due)

View #4: Managers Task Calendar And Watchlist

View #5: Time Scorecard

View #6: Photo Album of Current projects as well as supplies and fixtures or projects

View #7: Management Data Dashboard

This is an just one example of how we can use our dashboard software to create a management dashboard and company intranet portal and fill it with your data from various data sources. Call us or email to find out how we can create a complete solution for you and your business needs.